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Bill Herloski

Our name is what we do for you! 

Digital – Redeemable – Trackable – Return – On – Investment

We help restaurants and other small businesses acquire new customers through unique organic and paid digital traffic strategies that keep your business top of mind and drive in customers. Our strategies will help build you a huge segmented audience (database), “ that you own “ of your ideal customers so you can reach out to them whenever you want about upcoming events and promotions to drive them to your business.

Everything we do for you is tracked right down to how much revenue was driven into your register. Our campaign strategies are seeing 90+% open rates and 40-70+% click-thru-rates consistently.

Businesses now more than ever need to be focusing on building a segmented database (audience) of customers that know, love and trust their products and service. With DRTROI you finally have a way to do that and track the ROI of your digital marketing.

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