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Kelly’s Choice is a nutritional consulting company headed by registered dietitian, Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN. Founded in 2012, the company’s mission is to empower individuals to invest in themselves and their overall wellness in pursuit of living their best lives. The Kelly’s Choice team of registered dietitians provides individuals and organizations with the tools they need to reframe the way they view wellness, regardless of schedule or location.

How We Help
Kelly’s Choice provides in-depth, high-impact education and support to individuals, organizations, and the general public through our three distinct service lines: Dietitian Services, Workplace Wellness, and Media & Public Relations.

Dietitian Services

  • General and condition-specific
  • one-on-one nutrition coaching
  • Institutional nutrition planning and support
  • Nutrition education for student athletes
  • Live nutritional webinars
  • “Dietitian-for-a-Day”
  • Menu analysis and development
  • Keynote speaking
  • Original content video creation
  • Blogs, newsletters, social media posts
  • Trade shows
  • TV engagements
  • Workplace wellness sampling
  • Recipe creation
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Condition-specific video series and supporting materials

Workplace Wellness
The KC Workplace Wellness Program partners with organizations to support wellness – within the workplace and beyond. With a focus on population health, our overarching goals are to improve employee wellbeing and productivity, while decreasing chronic disease and overall healthcare costs. Leveraging nutritional/wellness-based content and education delivered via an interactive (mobile) delivery platform, we provide:

  • Engaging program of results-oriented content designed to elevate understanding of personal nutrition
  • Pressure-tested educational tools including long and short format videos, content-rich newsletters and delicious, healthy recipes
  • HIPPA-compliant, mobile technology
  • Weight and goal journal
  • Food/meal log
  • Exercise tracking
  • 24/7 dietitian “chat” access to ask nutrition-related questions
    Direct-schedule one-on-one nutritional counseling with a Kelly’s Choice registered dietitian (generally, fully-covered via an employee’s insurance plan)

Media and Public Relations Partnerships
Known for her infectious enthusiasm, approachable, you-can-do-it personality, as well has her unparalleled subject matter expertise, Kelly is a nationally recognized nutritional speaker who is regularly featured on both local and national television programming, as well as in various print publications. Leveraging her reach across social media, television and print, Kelly also serves as a prominent brand ambassador for a variety of wellness-focused products.

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