Who Can Join?

who can join membership qualifications from syracuse syracuse executives association

Membership Is By Invitation Only

All prospective members must be sponsored by a current member and must exhibit high standards of professionalism, quality & business ethics. Membership is limited to one firm in each business or professional classification.

Whenever a member learns of an "open" classification, he or she may propose a new member within that classification if it is not in conflict with any existing member. Upon approval of the Membership Committee & Board of Directors, and if no member objections are filed, the Executive Director will send an invitation letter to the prospective member, giving him or her one month to join.

If you have been proposed for membership, and you wish to become associated with the Executives, you will be asked to complete a formal application and submit an admission fee.

Dues are payable quarterly in advance and include the luncheon fee for regular weekly meetings.