Power Management Company

Power Management Company was founded in 1997 by Chief Executive Officer, John Burt. Originally focused solely on energy procurement for natural gas and electric, our business has evolved to meet our customers’ diverse list of energy needs in an increasingly complex marketplace. We have been thriving in the energy industry for over 25 years boasting a 95% retention rate with our customers, which we are very proud of!

New technology and supply chain challenges have put the market in a seemingly constant state of flux. Add that to a growing list of utility tariffs and regulation changes, and the need for a dedicated energy consulting partner for a business becomes clear.

As that partner, we act as energy educators, advocates, and advisors. Constantly monitoring the market, we find trends and share insights that are key in making successful long-term decisions.

From finding short-term cost savings opportunities, to gaining access to game changing technology, we have an experienced team ready to help your business succeed.
Our energy solutions include energy procurement and cost management, business lighting solutions, turnkey EV charging installations, community solar savings and on-site solar solutions, bill auditing and more.

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