LaFace Flooring, LLC

LaFace Flooring, LLC is the pinnacle of excellence in Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare and Deluxe Residential Flooring projects completed nationwide since 2016. Relying upon the expertise of founder Domenico LaFace, LaFace Flooring LLC provides Clients with consistent standards of quality and innovation far superior to industry counterparts.
We see each project as a collaborative endeavor and work together with our clients to actualize their vision into reality with precision and finesse. Our dedication to each project, coupled with our proficiency in execution, fosters enduring relationships with many of our clients.
At LaFace Flooring LLC, we offer a comprehensive range of Flooring solutions tailored to meet Clients’ needs. Whether it's the timeless elegance of Tile and Terrazzo, the versatility of Luxury Vinyl Tile, the warmth of Hardwoods and Carpet, the sophistication of Stone and Marble, or the durability of Polished Concrete, we have the expertise to transform your space into a Masterpiece.

For the best in Flooring Material and Installation services, look no further than LaFace Flooring LLC. Let our Reliability, Expertise and Dedication be the foundation of your next Flooring project.

Leads Appreciated: Seeking clients contemplating or actively embarking on their next Flooring project.

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