Solvay Bank

Founded in 1917, Solvay Bank is the oldest commercial bank in Central New York. We have ten locations in the Greater Syracuse area.

Our mission is to provide the best experience for our customers to help make their financial dreams come true, while upholding socially responsible and community-minded principles, and delivering value to our shareholders.

We offer a full range of consumer and commercial products to serve our clients and Onondaga County. Commercial lenders total six with a variety of expertise. This allows the Bank flexibility to work with the customer to determine the very best product and structure to meet the need.

We are a U.S. Small Business Administration preferred lender – which allows for faster turnaround in the approval process. All our loan decisions are made locally, by local members of the community who know Central New York. The decisions do not come from afar.

Leads Appreciated: Businesses looking to borrow money for working capital needs, to finance business growth, expansion or equipment acquisition. Those looking to finance rolling stock, delivery trucks or other types of machinery. We also like to work with depositors on the commercial and personal level and finance the personal needs of our clients whether it be car loans, residential mortgages, home equities, boat loans, RV loans, or plain personal loan needs. Solvay Bank offers a full line of banking products to serve your needs.

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